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  • Matric Results
    100% Results in S.S.C Part - II Exams in 2021-22

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  • Admission Open
    Our Admissions are open for the session 2024-25

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Rules & Regulation

Programmer Girls School endeavors and emphasizes their students to be disciplined, well mannered and respected citizen in their life. For their awareness following rules and regulations have been formulated and shall be maintained.

The students should respect The Principal, The Heads and The Teachers and other staff of the school. Disobedience or irrespective will not be overlooked.
Disobedience to teachers, bad language / behavior and disruption of class activity will appropriately be dealt with. If improper behavior continues, the Principal after consideration of all facts may suspend the student from school for a period of one week. If misbehavior occurs again and again she will be expelled from the school.

Disciplinary Measures
Punctuality and regular attendance are insisted upon. Leave of absence shall be granted for serious reasons or illness on receipt of application alongwith medical certificate. Cleanliness is important to maintain good health; particular stress laid on personal cleanliness. Kindly make sure when your daughter comes to school, properly combed short hair, or long tied up hair. If we observe lice or nits in your daughter’s hair, then she would not be allowed to come to school for one week or till her hair is clean. Any academic loss will be responsibility of the parents. Nail polish and mehndi application is not allowed. Children are allowed to wear only small earrings & simple wrist watches at their own risk.

All the students will be checked by the teachers, if any mistake or any other irregularities are found will be detained after school hours after informing her parents. Pupils suffering from contagious diseases shall not be permitted to attend the school till their complete recovery and upon production of fitness certificate from a doctor.

Repeated or prolong absence for 10 consecutive days without leave application may result in dropping a student from the roll and parents will be responsible for any problem arising as a result of their negligence.