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    100% Results in S.S.C Part - II Exams in 2021-22

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    Our Admissions are open for the session 2024-25

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The management of the school stresses to maintain the studies of each student, in this regard parents are advised to make sure the attendance of their daughter to avoid academic as well as their class and home work loss. If the response of attendance is not considered seriously, then the parents will be held responsible for the loss of written work. It is not possible by the staff of the school to make up the loss individually of the absentees.

Students of Classes IX & X are required to be regular in attendance feeling the importance of getting good marks and grades. A fine will be levied exceeding more than one leave without submission of application by the parents.

Students must be present in school well in time before the commencement of assembly. Parents are reminded that the school gates are closed at a specified time each morning after which students will not be permitted to enter. If the student is late for the third time in a month, she will be sent back home. Written permission is also required for a student to leave school during school timing. Students should be picked up promptly from the school premises as per the given time schedule. If the students are not picked up promptly the school is not responsible for any mishap after school hours.

If any student is required to stay in school for any reason, parents will be informed. Friends and relatives are neither permitted to contact students at school nor they are permitted to accompany student outside the school, in case of need arise for a student to be picked by a relative or a friend, the principal must be notified well in advance of such arrangement by the parents / guardians.

The students will be held responsible for any kind of damage to the school property including library books, computers, laboratory equipments, bulletin boards, furniture and fixtures. Damage to school property will have to appropriately reimbursed by the offending student (s).

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited for students in school or at any event including picnic visits etc. however in case of emergency telephone call facility could be provided by the management of school.

Parents and guardians are not allowed to take their children from the classes.

Traffic Rules
In order to maintain a smooth flow of Traffic and avoid traffic jams around the school premises, certain rules have been devised which need to be followed by everyone. Do not park the car in front of the gate and parallel parking.

Do not crowd near the gate, it should be clear for the children and the staff to enter. Please seek the help of a teacher or Building Head on duty, if required for any matter. All parents are requested to wait outside the school and do not try to enter in the school, your child must find you at school gate.

Closure of School
All national and public holidays are observed by the school. In case of rains, city disturbance strikes etc. the parents will be informed through S.M.S OR parents should check the school’s website of Facebook Page.

Students can be expelled from the school for extreme behavior, disruption or any activity which the administration finds determintal to the school’s honour reputation and which can harm other students.

Suspension is used by the school as means of emphasizing the student’s responsibility to herself, to others and towards the school as an institution and it is the need to obey the rules of the school. Suspension from school should enable the students to sort out their priorities in terms of educational goals and behavior. The school administration is the judge of enforcing the suspension, after informing the parents.

Academic Dishonesty
Acts of academic dishonesty such as using unfair means, stealing and forging signatures are regarded as serious offences. The penalty for such behavior will be a failure in a particular subject or suspension determined by the management of school. All offences will be penalized according to the school rules.

Celebrating Birthdays in school
Students are encouraged to celebrate birthdays in a simple manner in Break Time with their Class Mates. Juice, cookies, chocolates or sandwiches can be brought to school.

Material for School use
Parents are requested to provide books, copies and stationery to the children for daily school use. Individual teachers may require additional items for students to develop the skills and knowledge according to the subjects or else.