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    100% Results in S.S.C Part - II Exams in 2021-22

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    Our Admissions are open for the session 2024-25

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Examination & Monthly Test

The whole syllabus comprises in two Terms:
1. April to October (Mid – Term)
2. November to March (Final – Term)

Nursery and K.G. Classes hold one test before Mid Term and one test before Final Term Examination. Students are given grades / Marks for promotion to next class. From class – I onwards two monthly tests before Mid Term Examination and two monthly tests before Final Term Examination would be held.

The obtained marks of all four tests and Mid – Term Examination is concluded in the Final Term Examination for promotion to next class based on aggregate not less than 50 % marks in each subject. Every student should attend all four tests and examination, if any student does not attend any test or examination; she loses in aggregate marks, which would effect her final result. 90% attendance of each student is compulsory before the commencement of Mid Term and Final Term Examination; otherwise 5 % marks shall be deducted from the total marks in the result of a term.

The paper (s) which remain (s) due to sickness or any other reason will not be taken in any case after the monthly test (s) and examination (s). If any paper remains due to sudden holiday it will be taken after all papers. Any student uses unfair means in the examination shall be expelled or suspended as determined by the principal.

Students are not allowed to go home just after taking a test. If the child is ill, then in the best interest of the child is to stay at home. The student who is suffering in chicken pox or any other infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the class and in the examination.

A student who has failed in a class twice may be withdrawn from the school. The principal can recommend withdrawal if a student’s performance is detected to be weak. It is essential to sign and return the report card to school within three days of its issue.